Rope unwinding, winding & rigging

Unwinding / winding in tension : double winch on a truck

For wireropes until 24mm diameter, we can unwind them in tension with our double winch fitted on a truck. This innovative process allows us to unwind more than fifty ropes a year this way. The old cable is wound on a spool while the new one is unwound from the other spool, all this in keeping the tension of the cable. This process is widely used on surface lift cables, and also on cables for avalanche prevention systems. What benefits does it offer ?

Fast : we can unwind ropes at a speed of 1200 metres per hour, so if we add the time to prepare and finish the works, it takes barely more than a small day to unwind and rig a cable.

Safe : the cable always stays in tension and on the towers. No need to close road and footpaths anymore. Crossing the lift line while unwinding is safe.

Clean : no more old ropes rusting under lift lines for years, we remove the old cable and we care about its recycling.

Less elongation : unwinding the new cable in tension reduces its elongation in the future. So the first shortening splice will happened later compare to a classic unwinding.

Unwinding & winding all cables : the classic process

For all other cable unwinding or winding works, on chairlifts, gondolas, and on track and haul ropes of cable cars, we are fully equiped with winches and motorized spools that allow us to work on cables until 56mm diameter.  We also care about removing and recycling the old rope.

We are increasingly realizing winding operations of old cables in good shape from lifts being dismantled, to unwind them on some other lifts, especially old ones, that do not need the purchase of a new cable.

We are used to work in rough terrains, no matter your lift is flying over a soccer playground next to a road, or in high altitude with difficult access or without any access for vehicles, we will answer your needs, in urban environment as well.


After each cable unwinding, we are rigging the cable to allow splicing or socketing, that we can also make ourselves.

We also have a device able to rig cables up to 120 tons. We are usually using it to rig cable car track ropes, to allow rope controls on towers, inside the stations, or to slide the cable down from the anchors.

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