Rope splicing, shortening & repairing

What is splicing ?

Those works are only possible on wireropes with strands, like those used on skilifts.

A cable, like any rope, has two ends and to make it a loop we need to make a splice, kind of giant knitting, to connect both ends. This splice is usually made on a length of 1200 times the diameter of the cable, with insignificant added thickness and the same strength as the cable itself outside the splice.

A cable becomes also longer with the time and tension, and you might need to shorten it at some point. In this case, we reopen the existing splice to shorten every strand one by one, until having shortened the cable with the length you wish.

If your cable is damaged, we can also repare it by changing one or more strands. If it’s more serious, we can simply cut the damaged part and add a length of new cable connected to the existing one by a splice on each side.


How does it work ?

We can offer you a full service, where we manage all the splicing works from A to Z : staff, gear, setting up the work place, rigging, splicing, and then returning you the lift or device ready to operate.

We can also offer you only a splicer, he will come to you with his splicing tools and realize the job together with your team. We can also help you to prepare and complete the job.

We speak english and we are used to manage works and teams in english.

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